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Evening-cation at the Omni

Wednesdays are for Relaxin’ pool side..

Agh, it feels so good to relax after a 9-5 work day. Especially, when that relaxation consists of spending the evening at the Dallas Omni. Two weeks ago, on a very long and stressful work day, I commuted from my job in Fort Worth back home to Dallas. On this Wednesday, (Thanks to my friend Billa being in town for a conference where she was staying at the Omni) a group of friends and I got to go and live it up by the pool at the Omni’s Uptown Terrace. We drank cocktails that tasted like summer, took silly boomerangs, and chatted about how we should do this more often, if only..

I’ve lived in Dallas my entire life, But truth be told, I NEVER get tired of going to new places and seeing my city from all the different views. Staycations, Daycations, Eveningcations, whatever you chose, This little Wednesday night getaway reminded me there’s always going to be some place in your home city that lets you get away from being “home.” And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for y’all, that those places aren’t so many pretty dollars a night. So, go visit a new park in Dallas, go shop somewhere new, eat somewhere new, or live somewhere new for the night. Go explore your city, experiences are waiting!

And if you do choose to visit the Dallas Omni, here’s some pics to motivate you a little more on why you should.

The view of Downtown Dallas is a great one, especially from the relaxation of the pool.
The cocktails are tasty and taste like summertime.


If you’d like to shop my Tory Burch sunglasses, here’s a link for Sunglass Hut, where they’re available.

Tory Burch Cat Eye Sunglasses

My sunglasses are prescription and were bought through my Optometrist Boutique, Optique, who I’ve also listed if anyone is on the search for an Optometrist with a beautiful selection of designer eye glasses. (And great customer service! I’ve been going to the same Optometrist since I was 14!) 


My Bikini Top is the brand Xhilaration and was purchased at Target a few summers ago. My High Waisted Strappy Bikini Bottoms were purchased at Forever 21 Red in April. I recommend browsing Forever 21’s swim collection this summer. There are so many cute styes and prints! I admittedly bought 3 swimsuits from Forever 21 before going on vacation to Maui in April.

Forever 21 Swim

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Sofia Mercedes

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