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Get to Know Me

#42 Murals, Art by Mike Cruz (@michelcruzart) and Vic Holiday (@vicholiday637) Location: Deep Ellum Dallas, TX

Hi Friends!

I’m Sofia Mercedes and I am so excited to share with everyone all the things that inspire me in life!


While growing up, I’ve always owned a camera because of my interest in photography.

In the past few years, I’ve been more involved in Fashion, (Fun Fact: I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing.) I’m always checking out new art exhibits, going to countless concerts, and traveling as much as I can. Most of the time, (all the time) I end up taking so many photos and end up only sharing a few of them.

I want this blog to be a way to expose my style, photography and adventures. I hope I can inspire people to express themselves through their clothing, visit museums, or stop and appreciate art murals around their city. I want you to hear new Musicians, ones you love and new ones you’ve never heard of. (You can say going to shows is a hobby I thrive at) I want you to travel and seek adventures. BUT most of all, I want you to capture it all. It doesn’t have to be through a camera lens, it could just be from your own pair of beautiful eyes.

These things keep my soul fierce and keep my mind flowing with creativity. They keep me in sync and I want to show you exactly why.

Let’s start this journey together, Let’s be creative together.

Peace & Love,

Sofia Mercedes