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Athleisure to the Highest Level


Dropping by on this Chilly day to share with you one of my favorite go to leisurely outfits.

I LOVE work out clothes. And as you know, I love to express my style in everything I wear even if its the most casual of outfits. Two Saturdays ago, I spent some time running around Dallas, which consisted of taking photography as always and spending time at White Rock. (One of my favorite places in Dallas.) I decided that since I was going to be outdoors for the majority of the day and chasing after Salvador (little Pit in my life) that I might as well be comfortable! And, I was VERY comfortable, so comfortable I probably would have slept in this outfit at night if I didn’t smell like a pup.

Thank you as for letting me share my life with you.


Outfit Deets

Flower of Life T Shirt by Dazed Graphics

A little about the Artist – Dazed Graphics produces out of the ordinary art work. The Artist has a unique perspective and creates and catches visuals in an unfamiliar yet captivating away. He is most known for his hand drawn art, digital graphics, and photography. Geo-metrics is one of the things you see most in his work. He is fascinated about sacred geometry which led to the Flower of Life symbol to be used on one of the T shirts he created for his brand.  I LOVE this T shirt and the meaning behind the symbol.

Go Support a Local Artist, he is sure a talented one.

Salar Printed PowerHold Capri – Fabletics

Cami Necklace in White Kyocera Opal –  Kendra Scott

Handbag – Neiman Marcus Last Call

The Perfect Hair Tie Set – Charming Charlie




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