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Beginner Friendly Product Guide to Starting a Herb Container Garden

One of my main goals with this blog is to teach and inspire those who do not garden to do so. I have been asked from time to time tips on how to get started, the products I use, and what are my favorite gardening tools.

I have rounded up my “gardening must haves” and made a beginner friendly guide on starting your very own herb container garden. (These products can also be used for flowers, veggies, fruits, peppers, etc.) However, today we will be focusing on lovely herbs as our point of reference. Herbs are very easy to maintain if you give them the proper attention, love and care!


  1. DAYTON CLAY SELF – WATERING PLASTIC CONTAINER – There is a built in reservoir that holds water in the bottom of the planter. It is specially designed for soil channels to draw up water and oxygen for the roots. This keeps your plants healthy by supplying consistent moisture. When selecting a container for your plant, you must remember that this is your plants home!! I know there are a billion cute and beautiful containers to grow plants but you have to choose functionality over beauty when it comes to successfully growing your herbs, especially if you will be watering them regularly! You want to pick a container with a good drainage system and holes at the bottom, not one that doesn’t have holes. The water will get clogged up into the container and your plant will be at risk of being over watered and potentially getting its roots too wet!

2. KELLOGG GARDEN ORGANICS – ALL NATURAL RAISED BED AND POTTING MIX PREMIUM OUTDOOR CONTAINER MIX – This soil is specially formulated for planting annuals and perennials, veggies and herbs in raised bed and container gardens! It is my go to soil of choice!

3. FISKARS 5.5 BYPASS PRUNER – Durable and easy to use! Sharp blade and great to use when pruning your herbs! You will need to have a pruner handy when maintaining your herbs. Using a pruner will reduce your chances of hurting your plants when picking them.

4. MIRACLE GRO NATURE’S CARE REALLY GOOD COMPOST – Improves soil texture, moisture- and nutrient retention. I love providing my plant’s with a good compost to add to my soil!

5. DIGZ WOMEN’S MEDIUM LEATHER PALM FABRIC GLOVES – leather palms and reinforced fingertips, your hands are protected from scratches, thorns, and getting soil all over your hands! (Though don’t forget to put your bare hands in the soil every once in a while, it is good for grounding.)

6. FISKARS KNEELING CUSHION – Easy on the Knees Kneeling Cushion! This is honestly one of my favorite tools when gardening! I can never garden without it! This is so soft and has the perfect support for your knees. You won’t ever want to kneel down on the dirt/grass again after using this! This also has resilient material that doesn’t absorb moisture and it resist rips which is an added bonus!!

Next Up is your watering source! Your watering source is absolutely your own preference. My method of choice is using the watering hose! This is simply because I have 20+ plants to tend to and using a watering can would take hours! Watering cans are better for when you have limited space and fewer plants to tend to.

7. TWO’S COMPANY CERAMIC WATERING CAN – Stylish and Functional Ceramic Watering Can with a Silver Spout. Watering Cans are useful when you have a small space and do not have space for a watering hose. I am always choosing Function over beauty when it comes to gardening necessities! I typically wouldn’t spend money on a cute watering can, however, I couldn’t pass on sharing this beauty! (Available at Sur La Table)

8. GARDEN HOSE, 25 FT, EXPANDABLE, FREE 7 WAY SPRAY NOZZLE – I love the expandable garden hose! It is easy to use and put up when you’re done using it! I also love the 7 way Spray nozzle, it is very convenient for me to use! Since I have many plants that are different sizes and ages I specifically use different modes when watering different ones. For ex. When I am watering young plants, I do not want to go full force and use the most aggressive water pressure, I want to use the mister and lightly mist the soil so I do not damage the plant when watering.

9. YOUR HERB OF CHOICE!!! You can go to your local nursery for a starter plant OR a pack of seeds! Whatever works! When growing herbs, opt to choosing a plant that you will actually use. One thing about growing herbs is that you MUST tend to it and prune it so it can continue growing abundantly! If you do not tend to it, you can stunt its growth. Choose one that you admire its fragrance and taste, one that you could use for some delicious dishes! Some of my favorite herbs to grow are Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Marjoram, Sage, and Thyme!

Last but certainly not least, Do not forget to love your plants and take notice of their care instructions! Each plant has their own preference of how much water they want, how much sunlight they need, and so on!

I hope you find this beginner product guide easy and informative! Do not hesitate to ask me any questions! I am here to spread the love of growing!

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