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State Fair of Texas 2017

Agh the State Fair, I have been going.. well all my life really. My parents started a tradition before I was born with my two older sisters. Each year when the fair would come along, they’d go to the fair and take a photo at this one little booth where you could have your photos printed on anything, and I mean absolutely anything! Mugs, mouse pads, reg 4×6 photos, etc. My parents, well it never changed. They always got the felt calendar and let me tell you, they collected about 20+ of these calendars until the booth disappeared a few years ago. My mom was pretty distraught, this year she didn’t even search for it knowing they are long gone. However, it is our yearly tradition to go to the State Fair, so we did make it happen on the last Friday.

Now, I will warn you this is no regular state fair post. It’s not all about the food, My sensitive stomach can’t handle fried foods like it used too and now that I have a dairy free diet I couldn’t partake in my favorite State Fair eats. (Basically the Belgium Waffle) but I did have a Fletcher’s corn dog, seasoned curly fries, two cups of lemonade and a funnel cake layered with powdered sugar!

Here is my collection of photos I took while braving the massive crowds at the Fair. It was a three hour family outing that did not consist of going into Midway and being flooded by swarms of high schoolers, it was my siblings and I following my mom around looking for her latest wants. And heck, that was good enough for me.


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