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Sizzlin Blue Dress

This summer heat has been unbearable, is anyone else with me on that one? (Yes, I know it just begun, it’s not even August yet.) I’m just disappointed… I am an Outdoorsy girl. I love being outside, taking walks at the lake, runs on the trail, hiking at nature reserves, exploring the Farmers Market, I am all for it. BUT this summer. Yeah, no, not happening. I don’t like to feel like I’m being hugged by the sun. I’m waiting for Fall. I am SO excited to layer up and feel chilly and get the chance to snuggle and be comfortable. The Summer and I are  NOT friends this time around. Honestly, part of the reason for that is because I almost passed out a few weeks ago and it was the heats fault. (DRINK WATER PEOPLE) So now obviously, I just think the heat’s out to damage my sweet soul. (Despite how much water I chug.) I think I’ll just stay indoors this summer. There’s plenty to do indoors, right?

For anyone dreading being outside this summer. Here’s a list of some cool and Artsy places to go to in the Dallas Ft. Worth area that are INDOORS and that won’t kill your summer high!

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The MAYA Hidden Worlds Revealed is on display until September 4! (Explore the social, natural, and spiritual realms of the Maya – past and present – known for their monumental architecture, distinctive art, and intricate knowledge of astronomy and time.)

Dallas Museum of Art

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Kimbell Art Museum

Art museums are my favorite go-to places. And general admission is free at the DMA! If you want to see a special exhibition its $16, but it’s worth it. I’m so ready to see the Iris Van Herpin: Transforming Fashion Exhibit. GUYS, I LOVE Fashion Exhibits. I literally traveled to New York City in September 2015 just to see the MET Gala China Through the Looking Glass exhibit. (It was magical!!!)

NorthPark Center

Aghh “the Art of shopping.” Fashion AND Art. Northpark mall is an Art gallery, I love it. I’ve grown up going to this mall, so It is wonderful seeing how it has changed so much throughout the years. You don’t have to go to the mall and spend money even tho that’s what everyone goes to do. The mall has a collection of works of art displayed beautifully throughout. I have walked through just to purposely see the new installments.  And Northpark does not want you to miss checking out these pieces. They even have a Northpark Center Art Tour and Map available on their website! Download it and go get inspired!

Northpark Center Art Page

And of course, you can also go to their AMC and watch a movie. (They even have a bar, so grab your fruity summer cocktails or your whiskey and water.)

AND for my Fashion lovers, these are a few photos of moi in a outfit that screams summertime. Dresses and Sneakers? Comfy! This light blue striped peplum dress from Zara was paired with my bright yellow converse and Kate Spade Watermelon Clutch. I love giving dresses that fun, casual vibe by pairing them with bright sneakers. I felt relaxed but I also felt quite lovely, especially when my clutch is shaped like a fruit! So, go dress like Summer, but if you want, do your best to avoid the unnecessary hot, outside activities.


Light Blue Striped Peplum Dress – Zara

Yellow Converse – You can purchase at a Converse store, Academy, or a DSW!

Watermelon Clutch – Kate Spade New York

Nikki Smith Designs Beaded Bracelet

Yogi Vibes – Ocean Green Bracelet

Kendra Scott Necklace

Cami Gold Pendant Necklace in Kyocera Opal

Location: The Beautiful Trinity Groves

Photos Taken By The Lovely Briana Roker of BSRTheFashionista

BSRTheFashionsta Instagram

I hope this post helped your hot summer woes, if you have any indoor ideas for me, please let me know! (Just make sure they have an AC)

– Sofia Mercedes

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  1. Stephanie Ventura Stephanie Ventura

    I love this outfit! It totally screams SUMMER! I agree, its so crazy hot. I’m so tempted to crack an egg on the sidewalk to see if I can actually cook it. I will def check out all those activities! Amazing photos!

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