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Dressy Stripes

Great Things Come Out of Patience”

Patience is Key guys. What will happen, will happen. All in a matter of good timing, we just have to remind ourselves, patience will get us further than we think. I have to constantly remind myself this. That the universe is probably on my side, but maybe I’m just not ready for certain transitions or at my best of capabilities to handle the “next thing”. However, there is no reason to put myself down, or settle, or stop searching for more. Just because certain opportunities are not presenting themselves, it should be no reason to stop and wonder while you wait for something to happen. This should give you more reason to continue to grow, learn and take on new challenges. Everything you’re doing, WILL pay off. All the hard long hours, struggles, sleepless nights doing whatever you’re doing to reach your goals, will be beneficial to how awesome you are at the next step in whatever journey your trying to embark on.

I will be honest, (duh! This is what this blog is for.) I do tend to get frustrated and aspire to do more, to be more. But this won’t happen if I don’t at least try. and you know what? TRY doesn’t get you where your supposed to be. You’re supposed to DO, to REACT, to CREATE. There is no try. If you want to get something done, regardless of you failing, at least you’re doing what you can do to fly. And when you fall, just DO again.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There’s 65% I’ll complain later about something. But then I just have to remember, no sense in complaining Sofia. You are doing what you have to do, and the works of patience will present itself.

So Keep Living, Keep Doing, goals will be achieved, just keep a positive mindset.

As the week ends, take the chance to do things that make you happy and help you become a better version of YOU. And when Monday comes along, just remember, YOU GOT THIS.


IMG_8928Side Angle

What I’m Wearing

Personally, I was very skeptical about buying this dress. And once I bought it, I contemplated whether to return it. I finally took the hand tag off and told myself I had to wear it. I was skeptical because of such the low cut. I don’t really wear low cut things even though my friends tell me time and time again I have the boobs for it.. But it’s kind of uncomfortable when you aren’t use to it. However, my blog is a way for me to share my style and try new things. So here it goes, a super cute striped low cut dress with little side slits that I just found adorable.

Dress from Shop Dear Hannah

Instagram Page: Shop Dear Hannah

Jewelry from Nikki Smith Designs

Fire Opal Necklace in Gold

Yogi Vibes Ocean Green Bracelet

Photographer – Briana Roker of BSRTheFashionista


Thank you for reading!

Sofia Mercedes

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