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Mary, Queen of Prints: A Dallas Contemporary Gem

Mary Katrantzou, the Queen of Prints and the Queen of pushing boundaries with textiles.

It’s International Museum Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a little recap and photos from Fashion Designer’s Mary Katrantzou’s “Mary, Queen of Prints,” exhibit that was held at the Dallas Contemporary from mid January to March 2018.

I honestly should have posted this LONG AGO but I am excited to finally share the INCREDIBLE exhibit featuring Mary Katrantzou’s 10 year jaw dropping archive. Seriously! Mary is beyond amazing and of course, it wouldn’t have all been possible without the brilliant Chief Curator of the Dallas Contemporary, Justine Ludwig.

Does anyone love fashion so much that they can’t keep a smile off their face when going through a fashion exhibit? Do you go around the exhibit again and again not sure if you’ll ever be able to leave such a magical place? Am I being dramatic? No, not possible. I admittedly tho have shed tears when looking at fashion designs. It’s like I feel the designer’s passion, sweat and tears as soon as I get near. Mary Katrantzou can honestly achieve making me feel all those ways with her designs. She gives an incredible out of the world perspective into fashion, she demonstrates how fashion is so much more than clothing you wear on your body but ART. The designer knows the intentions and moods she wants her designs to speak. The imagery used in her collections is juxtaposed to make it real. Her designs are bold, imaginative and narrative.

I want to play dress up in her designs but also wear it out, showing it off, twirling around and feeling free in it. That’s the kind of feeling I get when looking at her work, I want to wear it but feel 100x more me. Colorful, spontaneous, me.

I was so excited about the exhibit that I attended the “Chit Chat with Mary Katrantzou” the Thursday before the exhibit opened to the public. I managed to get there 30 min early so I could grab a good spot on the cool, silver modish chairs. At first I was skeptical about grabbing a seat so close but I am happy I got the courage to move up to the first row. Lucky I did, because the room was PACKED once it began and many people had to stand  in the back. I loved seeing how people were dressed for the occasion, some were in hip and relaxed clothing, others wore mesh leggings with rhinestones. Just love the individuality expressed in clothing!

Nasiba Adilova, Mary’s very good friend interviewed her btw looking wonderful in Mary’s amazing blazer from her Fantasia collection. And really, who better to interview her than one of her friends? I loved the fact that Nasiba was the one interviewing Mary because it made the conversation so natural, I could have heard them speak about their lives all evening.

Here are some fun and lovely facts I learned about the Queen of Prints!

1. She bought her very first pair of cowboy boots in Dallas. Boots that she’s in fact worn in the Dubai desert!

2. She was born in Athens, Greece. Her father was a Textile Engineer. (aghh textiles is in her blood!) Both her parents were entrepreneurs,

3. Her favorite dress is her pencil dress. She loves designing using mundane objects! She even designed a lamp shade skirt. Nasiba joked during the interview that you might not be able to sit comfortably in some of Mary’s designs but it is well worth walking around in!

4. She did mention that vintage clothing is important because it is beneficial to minimizing waste. As we all know, the fashion industry is one of the most wasteful.

5. The first wedding dress she designed was 160 meters of chiffon. She laughed, “so many feet!”

6. Her first designs were a collection of slip dresses.

7. She’s inspired by architecture.

8. A piece of advice from Mary: Be persistent, be realistic about your journey.

If you don’t know who Mary Katrantzou is, I’m glad I introduced you to one of the greatest fashion designers. If you already love her, I hope I just sparked more inspiration and love into your fashionable soul.



The following photos were taken by me, please be respectful when re-sharing by giving credit.

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