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Monoculture at Paisley Maze Fest

Paisley Maze, Dallas’s first psychedelic rock festival

Wonderful Musicians of Monoculture include,  Olan Mijana (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Leibold (Drums/Percussion), John Valentine (Keys), Jason Trevino (Bass)

A few months ago, Dallas had its very own Psychedelic rock festival led by the Dallas band, Monoculture. If you haven’t heard them and love music with great sound and chill vibes, you must listen to them. I discovered Monoculture when they opened for The Brian Jonestown Massacre concert at Trees in Deep Ellum. Unfortunately, I caught the last two songs and was left wanting to hear more. I was amazed by how much their music resembled Pink Floyd. (Pink Floyd is my favorite band.) After finding out who they were and that they were locally in Dallas, I knew I had to watch them perform again. And with much excitement, I learned that the Paisley Maze Fest would be a thing in a short few weeks and I just had to go. I grabbed by camera and I did just that!

Paisley Maze Fest was a great and seriously groovy show at Club Dada in Deep Ellum. The decor, the lighting, the excited fans, (and a few Kettle One cocktails) made this an awesome experience. Other bands that performed included Acid Carousal, Native Fox, Natural Anthem, and Sunbuzzed. The crowd was super vibin’ to all the music and you could tell they were having a great time and have been listening to these bands for a while. I was glad to see the crowd of people dancing and chanting for them. Shows are always so much better when you know the crowd truly wants to be there.

Enjoy my photos of Monoculture at Paisley Maze Fest

Monoculture will be performing at Three Links on Saturday, August 19 and at the Armoury D.E. on Friday, September 8. Go Check them Out!

Monoculture Website

Thank you for reading!

– Sofia Mercedes

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    Cool pictures! I especially like the last one!

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