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Museum Date for One please!

Procrastination at its finest guys..

I meant to see the Mexico 1900-1950 exhibit way before the closing day. But of course, busy ol’ me just never got around to it. BUT, you know I appreciate art and my culture because I just HAD to see the Mexico 1900-1950 exhibit even if it was on the last day. And boy did I get Lucky! The Dallas Museum of Art was open till 9pm just for this special exhibition, and those extra hours came in handy because as a lot of you know, the line was to the very back of the museum and it took me an hour and a half to get through. Good thing I ate lunch before, my phone was fully charged, and I was by myself and could just marvel in my own little world until I got in. Heck, I would have been in my own little world despite it all.

Art, the Artists, the history, it all fascinates me. I could spend all day in an Art museum which I have before. No hours are ever wasted in a museum, just hours spent gaining knowledge and happiness.

The Fruit Seller/ La Vendedora de Frutas by Olga Costa

I loved the Art work chosen for the Mexico 1900- 1950 exhibit and I am so grateful that it was exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art. The one and only stop in the US! The exhibition featured work by Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, Ángel Zárraga, Tina Modotti, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, among others.

The Red Serape by Alberto Garduno

I went through the exhibit twice!! (I waited so long so I deserved to) I can’t just fly by and not stop and acknowledge the art.  I’m the one reading the script on the walls that tell you about the collections. I am the one taking so many photos, both from far and up close. I stare at the art for minutes at a time and just gaze at all the colors, strokes and textures, soaking it in, wishing I could paint, sculpt and draw like these amazing Artists.

I left the museum feeling satisfied with my experience. I went straight home and told my mom I needed to start reading more about my Mexican culture. Which led her to pillage through all these Spanish books on Mexican history for me. I’m so fortunate that I got to see these works of art in person, and now I have photos to prove it. It was an exceptional collection.

The Catwalk / La Pasarela by Gabriel Fernandez Ledsma


The Two Fridas / Las Dos Fridas by Frida Kahlo

Two of my Favorite Art works

El toisón de oro by Wolfgang Paalen
Proyecto de Monumento al nacimiento de Venus – Juan O’Gorman


Thank you to the DMA and the people working on the last day for always being so hospitable and patient.

Another beautiful collection showcased at an amazing museum. Dallas is so lucky to have  made a temporary home for all these masterpieces.

If you’d like to know what is currently at the DMA, check out their website!  Dallas Museum of Art

– Sofia Mercedes




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