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Painting & Sipping with Untamed Arte

I’ll end any night looking at fabulous art and sipping on cocktails.

Last month, I was given the opportunity by Artist Stephanie Ventura of Untamed Arte to be one of her guests and Bloggers at a private art show gathering in her home. She wanted to share a preview of what she has been working on for the past few months before she has a public event in 2018. She catered delicious Chinese food and served cocktails while giving her guests the chance to use her personal paints and brushes! She literally let us paint our very own work of art on the glass material that’s infamous to her work. I am sadly not very proud of my painting. But that’s okay, I still had a wonderful time. I snapped photos all night long and was able to interview Stephanie and ask her questions about her thoughts on her art and her future for Untamed Arte! Post cocktails of course.

I am honored that she chose me as one of her Bloggers to witness her talent AND hosting capabilities fyi. When I started my blog I wanted to make sure that if anything, I am writing and sharing my Fashion and the Art that I love and inspires me. I want people to know about the Art I am fascinated with and WHY it fascinates me. In regards to Untamed Arte – it’s the bright colors, it’s the freedom the paintings give off, the TEXTURES, the spontaneity of each work, the materials used, and of course knowing the amount of work and processes that went in to creating the work. I know that not each painting is a “get it the first time ordeal,” it takes effort, it takes discipline and most of all, it takes practice and  repetitiveness.

I had two pieces that I was and am basically obsessed with from her show. The “Globe” and the “Black and White Stone” painting. They were out of her Marble collection. The collection consists of transparent circle canvases where she incorporates crystals and coats the paintings in resin creating these awesome textures. The different colors used just fuse together perfectly on these! For my personal favorite, the “Globe,”  she used beautiful blue and gold paint that literally left me in awe with how perfectly the colors combined and complimented each other. It really does look like Mother Earth. It has to be my favorite painting that Stephanie has ever created, and I honestly want it btw!

I cannot wait for Stephanie to have her public art show this upcoming year so I can just admire more of  it.

Check out my photos from that night below AND watch my interview with Stephanie Ventura to learn a little more about her!

For more of Untamed Arte, check out her website and Instagram!

Untamed Arte Website

Untamed Arte Instagram

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