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Planting and Sippin’ with DFW Latina Bloggers

If theres plants, I’m there, If there’s champagne, well even better. I’ll be there on time, heck maybe even a little early!

Last month, The DFW Latina Bloggers and I had the amazing opportunity to Plant & Sip the morning hours away with Gisela (The Owner of Plant & Sip) at the lovely Republic Ranch Restaurant on Ross Ave. in Dallas, TX. Planting succulents in our little terrariums was the perfect way to spend a gloomy morning! Republic Ranch did a wonderful job of providing the perfect space and brunch items to snack on! We’re talking sweet, delicious fruit, croissants and pastries! They tasted even better paired with our champagne and mimosas! It was my first time at Republic Ranch and the venue did not dissapoint one bit. The space is so big, making it a great place to host an event no matter the size! We had our event in the covered outside patio, the perfect spot for getting Dirty!

Catering provided by Republic Ranch Dallas

I had a wonderful time and one of the reasons was because I LOVE plants and I love gardening! I can say proudly that I do have a green thumb and planting is very relaxing and has the ability to take my stress and worries away! I’m actually such a Plant Mom I hate being sad around my plants thinking I might kill them! Yes, I know I sound crazy to some of you but believe me when I say plants feed off your energy! Anyways..Before I ramble on how much I love plants. The great thing about Plant & Sip is that you don’t have to be plant obsessed and have a green thumb. Gisela goes through the planting process step by step while providing tips, history and laughs! It’s all about having a good time with a group of people and making memories! The DFW Latina Bloggers did just that! And you can too!

Terrarium by Sofia Mercedes

I, of course took photos of our morning to share with everyone! Take a look and see for yourself!

I love how everyone’s terrarium was so different from one another! The one I created is in the photo above. I went a little wild with the blue and purple color palette but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Now go get your friends and family and plan an event with Plant & Sip! AND don’t forget to check out Republic Ranch Dallas!

Happy Day!

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