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Random Addiction Co. Fashion Show

Nov.18, 2017 – Random Addiction Co. Debuted it’s S/S18 LOCAL QUEEN Fashion Show. It was at the exclusive location, Upper Underground in Down town Dallas. The fun started as soon as you arrived, set up as a “speakeasy,” guests were asked for the “secret” password at a call box to be granted access inside. Held on the 3rd story floor of this cool venue, RANDOM lovers walked up two flights of a wooden staircase to Suite 300. The room was lit in curtain string lights providing the only yet perfect warm lighting for the intimate fashion show that was about to be held.

The sounds of cool kid DJ Flying Ace filled the room while Fashion Designer Ineyes Wright prepped her beautiful models for a vision she had been working so fiercely for the last couple of months. The theme of the show was her tribute to the city of the Dallas. Moving here from a small town, she looked for and found things in the city that inspired her more to become the Fashion Designer she’s working so vicariously to be. LOCAL QUEEN is about empowering women and motivating them towards becoming who they want to be, who they ARE destined to be. The Models perfectly embodied the vision and persona of the brand. A feeling of a care free yet poised and strong demeanor walked flawlessly down the runway in RANDOM ADDICTION’s dreamy clothing and Mafe Designs jewelry. If you ask me, as soon as I entered the back area where the models were getting ready for the night, I thought the models had come from some little fairy tale world where they were these magical, bad-ass fairies. I basically wanted to be one of them. The models hair were braided and wrapped into two buns on the top of their heads, decked in glitter to obviously just really make you want this whole look. Who doesn’t want iridescent glitter in their hair? Might take an eternity to come out, but hey, glitter makes some things just so much better. Their makeup consisted of beautiful and incredibly dramatic winged pink eye shadows and subtly poppin’ light pink lip gloss.

As the show began, A performance by B girl Saija Kelis started the night and got the guests ready for a RANDOM ADDICTION line that they were about to love.

The RANDOM ADDICTION line. A dreamy, ethereal collection. It ranged from soft knit dresses to sheer racerback ones, nude slips, sequin midi to floor length dresses to tulle ones, sequin cigarette pants and cool harem ones, metallic lame and crinkle lame skirts, and we can’t forget the cool tees that the models wore with the words THANK YOU DALLAS, I AM RANDOM, LOCAL QUEEN and other cool, witty, and random sayings.

After the show, Ineyes Wright and her team mingled and took photographs with everyone who attended followed by a gathering at the Nylo Hotel for a little congratulatory party. It was a successful night that everyone enjoyed to be a part of. I definitely did. I told Ineyes that she just inspired me more and increased my love for Fashion Photography.

See all the photos I took below. And let me know what you think!

Please check out the Random Addiction S/S18 Line on their website and follow their Instagram!

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Lovely Team

Hair by Nicole Sanchez – Hair Stylist at Salons of Dallas at Hi Line

Jewelry by Mafe Designs

Make up by Marci Miller


Sofia Mercedes

 THE VENUE – Upper Underground, Downtown Dallas


Fashion Designer Ineyes Wright
DJ Flying Ace
Host Briana Roker of BSRFashionista









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