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Running with JoyLab

It’s been a while since I posted, 2 years to be exact! I can’t believe I actually let that much time pass! Life has been busy! And well, we know specifically that this year has shaken up humanity recently. Hopefully, I will take time to start posting and sharing on here again. I have been wanting to for a while now but excuses are so easy to use and that’s exactly what happened – excuses. But I will not dwell on any of that, because today is a new day and there’s always time to start again, right?

So a little about me – recently. This week was my 7th week not being at work! (My company placed many associates on furlough) So with all the free time I have had, I of course have been spending a lot of my time trying to stay as active as possible. With gyms and studios being closed due to COVID-19, I have been running and running and running. And due to so much active + outdoor time, I haven’t worn jeans in weeks and fitness attire is my favorite go-to! Who else hasn’t worn “real clothes” since we’ve been asked to shelter in place?

Before my 7.40 mile run at the neighborhood trail, I took some quick photos of my JoyLab Active set from Target. JoyLab is an activewear brand exclusively sold at Target! I actually remember when I bought this set. I had forgotten to take my workout clothes with me to work so I could have them for my evening SoulCycle class so I had to make a brief stop at the Target nearby for this get-up. And thanks to that one situation, I found out about the JoyLab brand and now it is one of the activewear brands that I like to wear! I got this set last year and have worn it multiple times with different workouts and the sports bra and leggings are still in good condition! This set is super breathable and fits true to size for me.I love the transparent detailing on the leggings, it makes the leggings more fun and unique instead of them just being solid navy fabric. I love that the set can be worn throughout the year as it does not fall to a specific season. The navy blue color and floral pattern is a win for any season!

I cannot wait to shop freely at Target again and be able to wonder the aisles looking at all the clothing, accessories, and home decor again! Who else is missing their Target adventures? I remember when me and my bf would get bored, we would just be like “Wanna go have an adventure at Target?” Who knew that the time would come that I would not go to Target for weeks, now months at a time, unless it was for the “essentials.”

Until the day comes that we get to roam the aisles of our favorite retailers and local businesses, know that we can still support these businesses online. I hope you enjoyed this brief post on JoyLab and come back for more new content!

Have a great and safe rest of your week!

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