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Watermelon Growing! Week 2

It has been 12 days since I planted my watermelon seeds into my garden bed! I planted several seeds on Friday, July 24, 2020. So funny fact, I am going to be honest. I underestimate my green fingers and the power of watermelon seeds! They might be tiny, but just because they are tiny does in NO WAY mean that they will not find their way to sprout. I knew when planting my seeds that I threw a couple extra seeds in there just to make sure I would for sure have some seeds that came up. WELL, last week for GROWING WEEK 1, 3 days since planting, I had SIX watermelon plants. Today, August 6th, I have TEN watermelon plants. AND Sadly gardener friends, I have gotten rid of about 5 plants. I do not have space for so many plants, and as much as I wanted to keep them all, maybe find some of them homes, I went ahead and just sadly and shamefully pulled some of them out of the ground. SO devastating!

This week the watermelon plants are doing good, gaining their new 3rd and 4th leaves. I have noticed a slight leaf miner issue and bites to a few of the plants but I am hoping it is something I can cure before there is some serious damage especially since I am not leaving them untreated!

LEAF MINER: Leafminers are the larval (maggot) stage of an insect family that feeds between the upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Larvae are worm like maggots that create winding tunnels. (as pictured on the watermelon plant below!)

Today, I went ahead and sprayed Dr. Earth Final Stop Natural Insect Killer Spray on my watermelon plants in hopes to avoid any further problems. It is what I had on hand so thought it was worth the try! We’ll see how it works! Dr. Earth Final Stop Natural Insect Killer is safe to use on all vegetables and herbs, people and pet safe, Kills on contact, yet controls insects for weeks with continued protection. There are no synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients, OMRI listed for organic use, and made in the U.S.A. One of my preferred reasons for using this insecticide is because the primary ingredients are rosemary and sesame oil!

I will definitely keep you posted on how I think this spray works for my watermelon plants. They are fairly young and hopefully can continue growing them without too many problems! 🙂

Another precaution I am taking is taking the damaged leaves off of the watermelon plants that have the leaf miner. I am taking them off very gently and making sure that I do not do this at the wrong time of day to avoid any further stress on the plant, especially them being so young in their growing process. It is important to destroy the infested leaves carefully!

See below for how the watermelon plants are doing on Day 12 since planting!

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you find this watermelon growing process exciting to witness! 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing more growth this week!

Happy Growing!!!

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