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Watermelon Growing! – Week 4

Happy Friday Plant Loving Friends! Week 4 of my Burpee’s Sweet Crimson Watermelon Update should have been posted last week, my apologies! But now you will be able to see the difference between Week 4 and Week 5 and the growth that has taken place in between! (Week 5 Update will be posted separately!)

Let me tell you a bit about Week 4!

During Week 4, the watermelon plants started to climb their way up the fence and the vines were beginning to attach and hold grab to whatever they want too!

Plant life is so remarkable to watch, I love noticing how the plants kept reaching for the sun and going in it’s direction.

The watermelon plants are looking pretty healthy! There has been no serious issue of any leaf minor, thank goodness!

Visit the Link Below For More Info on Burpee’s Sweet Crimson Watermelons!
Burpee’s Sweet Crimson Watermelon Growing

Happy Growing!

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