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Watermelon Growing – Week 5!

Wow, it has been exciting keeping up with my Watermelon Weekly Series! I am consistently taking photos of my plants and watching them grow but it is awesome documenting how they progress week by week to share with you! I love having record and photos of it!

Ok! so going into Week 5 of the watermelon plant’s growing process and it is now to the point where it will be tricky to photograph each watermelon plant individually. I figured that I would take different kinds of photos for this weeks update!!

Week 5 has seen some exciting progress to my Burpee Sweet Crimson Watermelon plants! Some of the plants are making their way up the wired fence and probably are around 4-5ft up the fence, while others are moving around the garden bed. Although I did plant the watermelon plants fairly close to each other, I am not seeing them affecting one another. Boy do those vines grow tho!! Once the vines started spreading, I made sure to also help the plants navigate their way without them overlapping each other. I love noticing how they reach for the sun!

This week, most of my watermelon plants started flowering as well! Most of the flowers are male flowers but I did notice ONE female flower which made me very happy! Watermelons have both male and female flowers on the same plant. It is pretty easy to tell the difference. The male flowers have powdery pollen filled anthers and are attached to a thin green stem, The female flowers have an ovary below them that looks like a tiny watermelon!

I was excited to be able to capture a bee flying around my male watermelon flowers and getting pollen!! Check out the Video Below that I posted on my Instagram Gardening page @_SofsGarden! I picked a very good jam. 🙂

Happy Growing!

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