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Welcome to Sof’s Garden & Watermelon Growing Weekly Series! – Week 1

I have been contemplating on what my first garden post would be about. Honestly, I have been over thinking it instead of just making it happen.

Yesterday, however, I finally chose what my first post about would be about for “Sof’s Garden.” First off, a little back ground on moi and my gardening experience. I started my backyard city garden in 2012 and have been gardening since. There may have been one season where I did not plant a thing due to my busy corporate work schedule but other than that I’ve basically had 8 years of lovely gardening experiences, all the learnings, plenty of growing successes and failures.

I LOVE gardening, it is one of my passions. I can say I am actually pretty great at it. I have a “Green thumb.” I feel like I can toot my own horn for this one. I am not one to boast on my strengths, but I know I should every once in a while, in a humbling way of course. One of the reasons I love gardening is because it is a learning experience. There is always knowledge to be gained. If you fail, you can still succeed, just try again. I also know that I am gaining value from this but also spreading value and awareness of the importance gardening is for our world. (LET’S SAVE THE BEES PEOPLE!)

There are MANY reasons why I enjoy gardening but I will save some of those reasons for later posts. I began my Instagram page @_Sofsgarden after thinking about the idea for a while! I am constantly taking photos and documenting my plant’s growth but I wanted to do more than just collecting thousands of photos on my phone. I also wanted to get back into blogging, and well I am passionate about plants and knew I would love to help educate and inspire people to create their own gardens but also learn from fellow gardeners that I meet through my gardening channels.

So today’s post is about one of my all time favorite fruits, WATERMELONS!

This is my third time growing watermelons and this time I am growing Burpee’s Crimson Sweet Watermelons! I decided to make my first post on watermelons because I just planted my Burpee Crimson Sweet seeds on Friday and on Monday, they sprouted above the dirt. I LOVE growing plants, but especially when I start them myself from the seed! It makes me feel so happy!! SO, I thought it would be an awesome idea to do a Week by Week post on my watermelons so we can see the growing process together! I hope you enjoy following along!!


Visit the Link Below For More Info on Burpee’s Sweet Crimson Watermelons!

Cheers to the beginning of OUR WATERMELON JOURNEY!!

I am excited to document this wonderful process with you!!

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